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Birth of the city


At the end of the IV century BC, rises the city. The polis, strategically located at the top of a hill and protected by high towered walls, was crossed by a series of main roads connecting the various city gates. The streets were lined by public and private buildings. The centre of the urban area was marked by the bouleutèrion, the building in which the council met, the very essence of city and civic life.

At the end of the 3rd century BC, Volcei engaged in battle with Rome. According to Livy, the people of Volcei were only scolded by the Romans for having sided with Hannibal and the city was spared, although archeological research testifies the contrary and hints at the widespread destruction of farms and sanctuaries.

After the Annibalic war, started the Romanization of the city of Volcei, which is clearly visible in the ruins of the huge monumental buildings and on the highest point of the hill where was built a portico surrounding a small square temple built on a podium, which was probably an auguraculum, where the priests, augures, interpreted the auspices of the Gods Protectors of the city.